KINAHARA™ Supervised Products & Vendors

Camp Laurelwood Mess Hall. Camp Laurelwood, 463 Summer Hill Road, Madison, Connecticut 06443. All items prepared and served in the Camp mess hall during summer camping season are strictly kosher but may contain hamets (leavening) and may not be used for Pesah (Passover). Meals are either meat or dairy as indicated at each meal. No representation is made concerning Camp-sponsored activities or events that take place off-site. No representation is made for events at the site before or after camping season. Supervision began 2 August 2009. Supervision for visiting non-Camp events may be available on request; contact the Camp office at See more information about camping at Camp Laurelwood. See Camp Laurelwood's Kashrut Certificate.

BEKI-BJ USY Pies. Seasonal pumpkin and apple pies made by the joint United Synagogue Youth (USY) chapter of Congregation Beth El–Keser Israel and Congregation B'nai Jacob are Kosher Pareve, no fish, contain hametz, and are produced under the supervision of KINAHARA™. The pies are sold frozen and must be cooked by the consumer before eating. For ordering information, see Pie Order Form.

BEKI-BJ Youth Commission Superbowl Deli Boxes. Deli boxes are assembled by volunteers of the joint Youth Commission of Congregation Beth El–Keser Israel and Congregation B'nai Jacob for distribution on Superbowl Sunday. The meat sandwiches are meat; all other items are pareve, and are produced or assembled under the supervision of KINAHARA™. For ordering information, see Delibox Order Form.

Jamestown Technologies Water Treatment Products: The products listed below manufactured by Jamestown Technologies and Jamestown Chemical Company, Inc., at 280 Callegari Drive, West Haven, CT 06516, and shipped in original containers from that location, are kosher certified by KINAHARA Kosher™. These products are strictly kosher pareve, and contain no meat, no dairy, no fish and no hamets (leavening), and may be used during Passover and year-round. Kosher Certified Products as of 15 July 2008:

Molygard-120 Cooling Water Treatment Program
Molygard-600 Cooling Water Treatment Program
BW-OR/L-CAT Boiler Water Treatment
BT-975 Boiler Water Treatment Program
BT-141 Boiler Water Treatment
BW-AF/HP Boiler Water Antifoam
SLT-150 Boiler Water Treatment

See Jamestown Technologies' Kashrut Certificate.

Supervision by Affiliated Local Agencies

These vendors, restaurants or manufacturers are supervised by the Greater Hartford Kashrut Group (160 Mohegan Dr., West Hartford CT 06117, 860.236.1275), which is an affiliated with the Connecticut Valley Rabbinical Assembly.

New Haven Area Rabbinical Assembly

Rabbi Murray Levine, Chairperson
Rabbi Eric Silver, Treasurer
Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen, Rabbinic Administrator

To contact KINAHARA, please email or call Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen at or 203.389.2108 x10.