The Kashrut Initiative of the New Haven Area Rabbinical Assembly (KINAHARA™) is pleased to present the following programs to promote the knowledge and observance of Kashrut (Jewish Dietary "Kosher" Laws).

  • KICK: Kashrut in the Communal Kitchen. This workshop explores topics in kashrut procedures for the communal kitchen. It is continuing education for mashgihim and kitchen users and is also suitable for new kitchen workers.
  • Chews by Choice: How & Why of Keeping Kosher, an exploration into the fundamentals of the Jewish Dietary System. This mini-series is especially suitable for those planning or beginning to keep kosher, and those contemplating conversion.
  • Mashgiah Training Program, to train lay supervisors to work in Synagogue and School kitchens, is a series that focusses on procedures for supervisors who may work for KINAHARA™ and allied agencies.
  • Kosher for Pesah, a workshop on the practical requirements of being "Kosher for Passover," is held seasonally, usually after the last hamantaschen are gone.

New Haven Area Rabbinical Assembly

Rabbi Murray Levine, Chairperson
Rabbi Eric Silver, Treasurer
Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen, Corresponding Secretary

To contact NAHARA, please email or call Rabbi Jon-Jay Tilsen at or 203.389.2108 x10.